Our Vizslas

My two first own Vizslas back in Hungary: Mátai Cudar and his daughter Astra.

They represent the ideal Vizsla for me.



Our Vizslas


Neutered male

Rescued from Spain

Came to us October 2006

born: 2004 ?

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Fraunars Angyal


From Norway

born: 2008.07.28.

Father: Vadászfai Vezér

Mother: Szelid




Own breeding

born: 2011.07.27.

Father: Sugár Herceg

Mother: Fraunars Angyal




Teo was rescued from death in Spain. But he could originate from France. We took him in October 2007. He was neutered in November 2007 november. We have no papers for him and we are not sure at all that he was really born in 2004. His tail is terribly mutilated, hardly anything left of it. He is a wonderful, loving, calm guy, never wants anything or anybody any bad.





Angyal is after my own breeding.

Breeder: Tore Frogner, Norway

She is an angel, just as her name says, Angyal is angel in Hungarian.

But in between she is a terrorist.

But always wonderful.


Couple of days          3 weeks                                           6 weeks                                       7 weeks old



8 weeks, first evening at home



First day outside



Angyal is growing


              With Tigger     She quickly learned to beg                      Helping with the car                           First meeting with Kompis



       With Millie                With Emlék                                        With Sara                     First "game" - our horses



           Fun to pester the cats                            13 weeks                       15 weeks                                     Favourit: my boot


                       With Teo                         Comforting Emlék                                                                 With Teo



With Teo                            With Anders            Elkskull and bone she found in the woods and brought home



Happy New Year 2009       Loves the table                                                           


First show, Karlstad 2009.05.01.

BOB, BOG 2 puppy


Second show, Karlstad 2009.05.23.

Judge: Sinnika Thĺg

BOB, BOG, BIS R puppy


Third show Herrfallet, annual specialclubshow 2009.05.31.

Judge: Marianne Gyárfás, Hungary

1. price, 2:nd best juniorfemale, best female R


Fourth show, Ransäter, 2009.07.26.

Judge: Rudy Fayerts, Belgium

2. price


First huntingtraining October 2009.

Tracking, retrieving bird, bloodtracking, retrieving fox

Thank you Sofia!


Fifth show, Morokulien, Norwegian Vizsla Klub's specialshow 2010.06.13.

Judge: Harald Aune, Norge

1. price


Training with grebe 2010.06.21.


Training with duck 2010.06.23. and 08.06.


Training with dove August 2010.


Retrieving hare- and deerskin 2010.08.23.



Angyal succeeded the bloodtracktest with 37 points out of max 42! 2010.08.24.


Sixth show, Arvika 2010.11.20.

Judge: Gunilla Karlström




Csinibaba SE51385/2011


Csini is Angyal's daughter born here 26. Juli 2011. We raised her with love until she was 10 weeks old. 


We had to rescue her from the couple in Hungary we in good faith gave her to.

 She was totally destroyed physically an mentally after the abuse she was subjected to.

We have photos, video documents and veterinary attest about which state she was in when she was rescued.

We had to go after her to Hungary to take her back home to us ASAP, 5320 kilometers drive...

We got home with her June the 6th 2013. She recognized us, our whistle signal, our/her home and she behaves like she has never been away from us at all. She is happy. We are happy she did not die in the misery she lived in - dayly abuse and starvation -  and we were able to rescue her in the last minute (thanks everybody!!!). 

Finally Csini is at home.

And she will never ever will be abused or treated bad again.

She will stay here, with her family.


This was how she behaved when rescued 2013.04.25.

Her behaviour was not agression but fear due to long time abuse


Three days later when she understood no one will abuse her at her temporary home (with green collar)



Many thanks to Magasparti Rutinos magyar vizsla kennel: Mármarosi Anna and her mother for the loving care of Csini


Almost a month later

With me at last and home coming!